Review of “Danger of a Single Story”

After watching a TED presentation titled “Danger of a Single Story” given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the lesson that I came away with afterwards is the capability of misconceptions about a particular group people. Misconceptions people have about different races aside from their own individual race can actually lead a person down the path of stereotyping an entire race of people due to misinformation a person can give by exaggerating or intentionally negative placed propaganda taught to a person about a particular group of people. Ms. Adichie story about her neighbor surprising her personally by making a beautiful artifact with little materials made available for them to use, after visiting her neighbor’s house that day put this lesson in perspective for me. She believed that her neighbors were incapable of producing anything valuable because of their social status by having confidence in that misinformation due to someone in her family exaggerating about another family’s social status. This story about misconceptions is a personal reminder for me to not label or prejudge any of my students in the near future in my classroom.

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