HBCU Experience….

After watching the HBCU experience speech given by Elwood Robinson for the TED talk series, I agree with the statement about how Historical Black Colleges are “the warm blanket of the Africa American higher education system”. Mr. Robinson gave example of the main goals for all HBCU’s across America is to educate black men and women as they first enter college, only to return to their induvial communities to serve and give back because during those days black students only attended black colleges. Remembering my grandfather who himself graduated from Edward Waters College a HBCU school located in Jacksonville, FL. That if it was not for Edward Waters College accepting him into school, he would have not been able to receive his college degree in elementary education and right before integration my grandfather looked forward to give back to his community by teaching in a segregated black school. Black colleges will always be a place to provide opportunity for the misrepresented students a fair chance to receive a college education.

How taught you

Malcome X’s speech back in the civil rights era spoke on Black Americans and asking the question “Who taught you to hate yourself”. Currently this message has evolve into a possible lesson plan, that can be taught to 21th century students in the United States of America about the importance of self love and respeck…lol

Review of “Danger of a Single Story”

After watching a TED presentation titled “Danger of a Single Story” given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the lesson that I came away with afterwards is the capability of misconceptions about a particular group people. Misconceptions people have about different races aside from their own individual race can actually lead a person down the path of stereotyping an entire race of people due to misinformation a person can give by exaggerating or intentionally negative placed propaganda taught to a person about a particular group of people. Ms. Adichie story about her neighbor surprising her personally by making a beautiful artifact with little materials made available for them to use, after visiting her neighbor’s house that day put this lesson in perspective for me. She believed that her neighbors were incapable of producing anything valuable because of their social status by having confidence in that misinformation due to someone in her family exaggerating about another family’s social status. This story about misconceptions is a personal reminder for me to not label or prejudge any of my students in the near future in my classroom.

I control my learning..

The key point that I came away with after watching “For The Love of Teaching” a speech given by Rusul Alrubail about her story growing up as a refugee, is the quote she made in reference who is in charge of a person’s education “I control my learning”. As I have gotten older looking back during my adolescence days as a student, I can honestly say that I did not fully apply myself in my studies. I was concerned more about being noticed amongst my classmates and in the process I chose to focus on popularity rather than focusing on my future by bettering my education. My poor choice of not taking control of my learning has helped shape my current situation in life and the message I received from the quote is that I can control my future by taking control of the present.

A damn shame….

It was a very usual feeling I experience this past weekend standing with my grandmother in the checkout line inside a local grocery store the moment her debit card declined unexpectedly. Without having any money personally to cover the cost of the items that she needed plus with the checkout line beginning to extend further into the aisle, I suggested that we leave the items these at the register only to return later that day. Honestly, those comments were meant to protect my pride as a man. Afterwards I felt worthless for the simple fact of not being able to be in a better financial situation to assist my grandmother at the register earlier that day like I had done previously in the past when I was employed. Even though my grandmother assured me that she would be alright and that I should not feel ashamed for not having any money to help her out financially due to me being a full time student. There is no excuse for a man of my age to not properly prepare financially for not just myself, but for my elderly grandmother as well during this stage in her life. The biggest lesson I can take from this experience is to acknowledge my failures as a man for not being prepared for instances such as the other day at the register. Growing from this lesson of being unprepared and look forward to putting myself in a better financial situation in the near future so I can avoid the emotion of feeling similar to worthlessness like the other day in the store with my grandmother.

Redefine Community

I agree with the message of Black Americans which I personally I prefer the title Black Americans over African Americans for the simple reason of claiming my rights as a citizen being born on American soil and not being born on the continent of Africa. So the message of Black Americans learning about the many advantages we could gain as a group of people by the spending power of how we spend our dollar. As a whole minority group Black Americans make up .5% of the world’s total population, as a result that makes our total global purchasing power 1.4%. We could make a difference not just in the United States of America, but how every nation on planet Earth’s opinion on how they stereotype Black Americans as a group of people. Now the idea of Black Americans pulling all of their money together in the community and invest in black owned stores that employ employees that are from the local area, which create more job opportunities and could possibly bring more befits for Black American neighborhoods across the country. Investing in the Black Americans community is a good plan, but in my opinion the plan of coming together as a whole is out dated since the days of the Civil Rights movement. Since desegregation Black Americans were no longer forced to live together in one section of a city, and with the opportunity to live anywhere in the city as long as the can freely afford those Black Americans who could afford to move their families into a better community choose to do so. Creating new diverse communities across the United States and by the white families that choose to not move out into the developing all white communities further from the city helped create a new mental mind-set for tolerance of other races than they would  expose to had they have been living during the days of segregation. Currently we are three generations past since the beginning days of communities becoming more diverse and Black Americans are still thinking about the term community as they did during the days of the Civil Rights movement. In order to change some of the stereotypes of how other nations across this planet view Black Americans as a minority group, Black Americans need to focus on redefining the definition of what the Black community looks like in the 21st century before any changes can be made to improve the Black American image.

The Only Reason to Go…..

Taking a vacation trip with my friends to Las Vegas, NV during this stage in my personal life was not my initial plan nor was this my idea general. Being a full time college student with no job who is also married with four dependents which are in school themselves has no business in my opinion, to leave town especially during the beginning weeks of the fall semester to go vacation with friends. Even though the perception of me actually going on this adventure trip to Las Vegas is not a good look for my image as a student and as a father, let alone that maybe this was not the right time nor a good idea all together because of my current financial situation. In the end I concluded that the opportunity of going to Las Vegas with a group of like-minded individuals only happens once in a life time while a person is still in college and that specific thought was the final deciding factor into me agreeing to go on this trip which has now transform into a trip of destiny. Watching these two movies, Road Trip and American Pie 2 during my adolescence years made it seem like the decision to leave town with little to no money was only okay as long as you are a full time college student. A chance to reenact a few scenes from my favorite movies in real life and possibly have the same exciting adventure as those actors in those movies was too much of a coincidence for me to pass on this adventure trip to Las Vegas with like-minded friends.

Road Trip

My blog has transfer into at first my initial plan of using this blog as a platform to practice on my writing skills for the essay part of the general knowledge test for teachers. Now my blog has turned into a story of two men, who have no business going to Las Vegas, NV for 4 days and 3 nights get away on the middle of the week on a Wednesday only to return the following week on Tuesday. Two fully grown men with families depending on their safe return from this particular trip out of town that nether one of them should have agreed to go in the first place. My blog for the next n upcoming weeks will be about me and my unnamed friend’s trip to Las Vegas, to a bachelor party with no spending cash of our own partying up and down the main strip in every casino we could find. Looking for any kind of trouble you can image from tying to find illegal drugs to negotiations for solicitation with working “call girls” where prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada. My blog will now be about how to survive Las Vegas on a budget with a little over $200 in your pocket, and how to make it home safe to tell the tale of what a true college road trip looks like and feels like.

Let’s get this blog started…

I would first like to start out by saying thank you for visiting my webpage fmrmikman2teach.wordpress.com. Every week I look forward to practicing my writing skills to push myself into becoming a more fluent writer. I want to be a writer who is fluent enough to receive a passing score on the essay portion of the Florida Teachers General Knowledge Test, the next time I attempt that specific portion of the test. Class requirement or not I can use all the practice I can get if I plan on passing the essay part of the test. So the way I like to see the positive side of things, each and in every mandatory assigned course work is to do the best I can. This weekly blog is like hitting two birds with one stone or in football coach terms “it’s just like running extra sprints after the practice kid, you are only going to get better son with each lap you run”.

The topics I plan to blog about this semester will be very random as I would like to use this opportunity to experiment with my writing ability to freely write on any subject I have chosen to write about. For the first time I think that having an open form to freely write about any topic is kind of cool in a strange way. During the days when I was still in school, all of the writing assignments that I was given to complete there were always a specific topic to write with questions included that had only right or wrong answers. Those types of questions required less of my opinion and more to do with me focusing my attention on what was accurate or false when answering questions about the story. Which in turn involved less critical thinking development for me, as a student, now as a 31- year old college student I have a difficult time completing some of the writing assignments that require a lot of critical thinking without being told what to write and how to organize my writing. In football terms for example “if the coach does not tell me which specific play he would like for me to call inside the huddle, before I call a play once I get inside the huddle”. I am liable to call anything I can think of, which in the long runs switching back into how this football analogy can translate into my writing skills. This is probably going to hurt my chances of receiving a passing grade on any writing assignment in college in other courses. This semester I have a chance to go over any topic which I think is a step in the right direction into becoming a fluent writer who is diverse in many subjects of writing.

As I start to finish writing my first blog ever, hooray for me! I am starting to look past all of the academic positive skills that can come from writing a weekly blog; and how I can possibly benefit from this experience.  I can use this forum to release some of the regrets that I have still yet to let go from my personal past experiences in my youth. Things that I should have said to certain people or different actions I could have taken to prevent some of my current frustrations in life, currently. Would I repeat those same actions again? As I write to my past to practice for my future writing to be as fluent as I vision it will be. I plan on approaching this weekly blog series as a chance for a different outcome for me in my abilities as a writer.